Monday, January 11, 2010

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

So our planned meat preservation experiment was on track and ready. We had made a list and checked it, did some errands, and checked it again. Salt, yup. Sugar, two kinds. Fresh thyme, lots. Bay, juniper berries, fresh nutmeg. Right on. Plastic bags, uh huh. Lots of storage space, done. Clean counter tops, recipe book, note taking equipment. All there.

The only problem was that our hog jowls were sliced and not whole. DAMMIT. But we went on anyway and figured we would just be flavoring the jowls and not trying to air dry the bastards.

Needless to say I have requested whole jowls from my pig farming friend. Along with some pork belly. We remain undaunted. The SB fried up some jowl samples last night and was so excited he had to bring them upstairs with him when he came to wake me up and tell me how yummy they were. We chatted some about what the other 8.75 pounds of them might be good in and he trundled off to his basement lair to dream of hog jowl flavored pasta, etc. Some of this is most definitely going back in the freezer.

In other projects this weekend, I was working on another sun dress for a small friend (one really has to get through the winter some how and this is my chosen method for this year apparently.... cheaper than ordering seeds and plants from every catalog that arrives in the mail box....) The fabric has an embroidered pattern on it. I realized that one of the front side bodice pieces didn't have embroidery on it. After I stitched it into the bodice. So in a rare showing of concern for this sort of thing, I ripped the piece out and re-cut it. Backwards. CRAP. Then had to re-cut it AGAIN. Then I put the whole thing together realizing that I should have put the zipper in the back panel before I sewed it to the front. I didn't have to tear it apart, but it was considerably more tricky while it was attached. This is why you really should make multiples of any given pattern. It takes the first 2 or 3 to work out all the kinks. We'll see if there are any more sun dresses of this nature to be seen before the spring sets in. I am actually planning winter coats for some of the little ones. Though I find it significantly less exciting to sew wool in summer than I do to sew linen in winter....

Because I don't want to blow all the suspense of my new year's resolutions in one go, I decided to do a little blogging with each one as the subject arises.... And on the sewing scene, I have decided to sew some things for myself. They are simple but I know the pattern will require some alterations because my figure is, um, let's call it non standard. Anywhoo.... I want to make a few things that actually go together. No really. Things that MATCH. Here is the pattern I have selected.... Probably something linen-y for summer. It should be fun. Then I hope to work up to things a little more complicated. So you see, the real reason for the sun dresses, besides getting me through the winter by planning wardrobes for small children, is revving up the sewing skills for a bigger project.... you notice I say this like I planned it this way? HA!

So. There is resolution number 1. Now you gotta hold my feet to the fire.

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