Friday, July 10, 2009


Ducks are in the duck house. Still details to work out but they are safe and out of the basement. Could we ask for anything more?

Pictures this weekend. Rilly.


Tracey said...

Hi there Elsie,

Been meaning to write you for the longest time . . . THANK YOU for offering up some Virginia Sweetspire during the spring. I kept hoping I would get my act together enough to email you, but spring got away from me!

I love following your duck saga!

Elsie said...

No worries, it'll be here!

Victoria said...

Pics... PICS, I say! Pics o' ducks. Now, please.

Or I could walk my lazy ass down the street and see them in person.

But my Mama can't get down the street, so pics are good so she can see too!

Elsie said...

OK, a few up now and more to come. My computer is soooooo slow.