Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It being all cold, and the SB being gone back to the big city, I can see me getting a little more time to blog in the next couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong, I have places to be, but a little more evening time is a nice respite. The SB is sort of on turbo charge when he is home, so there is a lot of work in his vacations. Which is good. For him. Not so much for someone who already feels like one full time job is enough. That said, we did get lots done. Figured out, again, where the ducks are going. Figured out, again, where chickens are going. Put together, leveled and planted two new garden beds and got blueberries planted in one. The other awaits the potatoes in March. Received our first seed order from Southern Exposure. Set up the lights in the basement so that I can start the leeks and onions. Moved in our new old free freezer (thanks Craigslist!). Rearranged the basement, again. The SB rearranged all the stuff in the kitchen cabinets. He also replaced the under cabinet light which has been out since about 3 hours after he left for school, 3.5 years ago. Under cabinet light is an amazing thing when you haven't had it for a while. I also mended the SBs sweaters. I am learning how to pick up stitches and actually replace missing fabric. Thrashing through it right now, but it is coming along. Like most things when you really sit down with them, it isn't rocket science and you can make good progress by just winging it, tearing it out and doing it again.

I'll post some photos soon. Right now I am still reeling with the transitions.

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Did you say FREEZER?!