Friday, August 31, 2007

Count me in

So, here I am. I used to be here where most excellent bro was recreating the wheel for fun and profit (see his first post - or thereabouts). Thanks for the good times. But now I won't have to hassle you guys to post my photos. Besides, everyone is doing it. Check out cho-girl and starrhillgirl.

As usual, my weekend list of things to do is so long that I can hardly look at it. It includes things like "buy milk" and "paint the house" - you see wherein lies (lays?) the problem. A girl could be completely overwhelmed by that tiny piece of the list. And that doesn't include some of the more interesting endeavors... or even the appealing ones.... Like removing the graffiti from the historic stone train underpass (a process I am going to be edu-ma-cated about - on the job training - it has something to do with a "poultice") and having my foot henna-ed. Things that MUST happen in the next three days for various and sundry reasons. Add to that the MOWING of the LAWN, by which I mean a portion of the lawn that has probably not been mowed for most of the summer. At least the weather should be nice - which makes it both better and worse. Who wants to work when the weather is beautiful? Who wants to work when the weather is bad? You see wherein lies (lays?) the problem.

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Becca said...

Since when do you mow the lawn? I seem to recall some fracas a while back . . .